Edinburgh & East of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists

2017 winners of the Nick Gordon Medal competition:

NGM: Tom Craven (Resolving uncertainty in acute respiratory illness using optical molecular imaging)
Runners-Up: Elise Hindle (A quality improvement initiative to reduce the incidence of accidental dural puncture following labour analgesia epidural)
Sarah Stobbs (Evaluation of the Introduction of McGrath MAC Videolaryngoscopes in Lothian)
Student prize: Lindsey Johnston (Anaemia in Critical Care: An Analysis of HaemoglobinTrends and Follow-up)

Winners were chosen from a total of 8 entries. EESSA would like everyone for their hard work and committment.

2016 winners of the Nick Gordon Medal competition:

NGM: Annemarie Docherty (The impact of restrictive versus liberal transfusion strategies on patient outcomes)
Runner-Up: David Falzon (Didactic action cards improve number of successful steps in a simulated "can't intubate can't oxygenate" scenario)
Student prize: Michael Connelly (Depth of Anaesthesia Associated with Administering 2.5% Isoflurane During Cardiopulmonary Bypass)

Winners were chosen from a total of 9 entries. EESSA would like everyone for their hard work and committment.

2015 winners of the Nick Gordon Medal competition:

NGM: Magen Schwarz/Catherine Determann (An Anaesthesia Induction Programme for UofE students)
Runner-Up: John McLenachan (Anaesthetic management of hip fractures)
Student prize: Blair Wilson/Julian Camilleri-Brennan (High & low TV during one-lung ventilation)

Winners were chosen from a total of 10 entries. EESSA would like everyone for their hard work and committment.

Members' Night

Members' night is one of the best meetings of the year. It usually takes place on the first Tuesday in April and is the opportunity for trainees based in any of the Edinburgh and East of Scotland hospitals to come and present their research / audit / survey. It doesn't matter if it has been presented at another meeting elsewhere or if it has been submitted as an abstract somewhere else - (although we would frown at you resubmitting the same work to EESSA twice!).

There are real cash prizes to be won, and the Nick Gordon medal for the winner alongside lots of very important CV embellishing lines for those lucky enough to be placed:
Nick Gordon Medal (1st prize) = £200
Runner Up (2nd prize) = £50
Student prize = £100

The audience at Members' night are polite and enthusiastic- The EESSA President keeps everyone on their best behaviour so you are unlikely to face gruesome questions on the Jonckheere-Terpstra test unless you have chosen to mention it that is ...

So how do you participate in this easy CV enhancement exercise?

  1. Be a member of EESSA.
  2. Have something to present (research / audit / survey etc.).
  3. Seek the help of a senior member of the Society so they can check your submission for spelling mistakes and ask those planted questions on the night.
  4. The closing date is usually about 2 weeks before the event - but this can be varied if you have an excellent excuse.
  5. Prepare your submission under a nom de plume.
  6. Submit to EESSA HonSec: [javascript protected email address]
  7. Await the decision of the EESSA Council as to those lucky enough to be called to present on Members' Night itself. You will probably only get 1-2 weeks notice for this, you have been warned.
  8. Follow the instructions for the presentation carefully, more advice will be available here when the submission have been judged, but do make full use of the senior anaesthetist you recruited earlier.
  9. Prepare beautiful, thought provoking, and entertaining slides, but which most importantly convey your data to the waiting crowds.
  10. The presentations will be judged by a group of EESSA luminaries, but be warned to heed the time. The secretary is a stickler for time keeping, and to be stopped before you get to the best bit of your presentation is always disappointing and probably means your chance of winning first prize are greatly diminished.
  11. Sit back and enjoy the adulation that comes with being the Nick Gordon Medal Winner
  12. Simple??