Edinburgh & East of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists

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Tue 22nd May 2018

EESSA is proud to announce a donation to AAGBI's Lifeboxes for Rio:

We will fund 2 lifeboxes (and training packages) with £320.

The Edinburgh & East of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists is a society for all practicing anaesthetists in the South East of Scotland. Associate members are also welcome from the Operating Department Practitioners and the Physician Assistants Anaesthesia.

From the Past President

The Edinburgh and East of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists constitution states the objectives of the society as "to further the study of the science and practice of Anaesthesia and the proper teaching thereof and to conserve and advance the interests of Anaesthetists". Whilst the English may be a bit mangled, the underlying aims remain highly relevant to all anaesthetists in the South East of Scotland whether you are a consultant, SAS doctor or trainee. Throughout the year, EESSA provides a programme of educational teaching that is easy to access and relevant to one`s training or continuing professional development (CPD).

For the trainees, the Members` Night gives them the opportunity to present their audit or research work so as to educate the members as well as enhance their CV most especially if they win the Nick Gordon Medal. EESSA also provides an evening for trainees to get advice on their training from the regional educational advisers. Most importantly, EESSA meetings give the opportunity to network with fellow trainees and share information about your training.

For SAS doctors and consultants, the meetings provide much required easy access to CPD. With revalidation around the corner, it is increasingly important that we all get 50 CPD points a year. For this reason, we are introducing a CPD Matrix night this year to match the curriculum requirements of the RCA. If it is important for trainees then networking is doubly so for SAS doctors and consultants. On a day to day basis, there are many of my colleagues working in the same department whose paths do not cross with mine far less those colleagues who work in other hospitals in the South East. EESSA meetings provide a forum for networking and socialising with the colleagues that we do not routinely meet to find out what is happening in anaesthesia across the South East of Scotland.

At £25 for consultants and SAS doctors and £15 for trainees, EESSA is good value for money. If you have never been a member of the EESSA then please join us and become a member. Should you have been a member but have let you membership lapse then please support EESSA and rejoin. A membership application form and Direct Debit Mandate can be found on the Membership page.

Should you wish to know any further about EESSA then please contact me or any of the Members of Council. I look forward to meeting you at a meeting of EESSA in the coming year.

Yours sincerely,

R Peter Alston